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Wei Fan Primary To Secondary Chinese Tutor

Woodlands Ring Rd $30 / hour

PrimarySecondaryJunior College


Sept/1980 - July/1982 Diploma In International Business at Jiangsu Foreign Trade College

Tutoring Experience



Personal Particulars

Name                                       :   Fan Wei/樊伟

NRIC No.                               :   Sxxxx425J

Race/Citizenship                     :   Chinese from China Mainland/Singapore P. R.

Date of Birth                           :   Jan 25, 1961

Place of Birth                          :   China

Marital Status                          :   Divorced

Contacts                                  :    H/P No. 97556009

Email Add                              :    bbttss20020222@gmail.com

Address                                   :   Blk 640,#04-11, Woodlands Ring Road,  Singapore 730640

Highest Certificate                :    Diploma In International Business

Part Time Chinese Teaching Experiences

Jul   1994 —  Dec  2000           :   Part Time Chinese/Mandarin Tutor

Teaching Chinese/Mandarin from K1, K2, P1 to P6, S1 to S4,

to J1 & J2(Home)

Teaching Adult Oral Chinese

Teaching P1 to P6, S1 To S4 students Chinese Enrichment

Programme in Singapore primary & secondary schools

Full Time Chinese Teaching Experiences

Jan   2001 – Feb  2020                Full Time Chinese/Mandarin Tutor

Teaching Chinese/Mandarin From K1 K2 To JC1 & JC2 (Home

Teaching Adult Oral Chinese

Teaching P1 To P6 Pupils, S1 To S4 Chinese Programme in

Singapore local primary & secondary schools(have been to

about more than 100 local primary & secondary schools to

conduct Chinese Enrichment Programme, CCA, CCM)

Capable to be & to do:

To be good at English and Chinese office documents work, such as: Word/Excel/PPT.

Planning & designing Chinese & its culture programme.

Word & character inputting.

Translating English & Chinese in written & oral one