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Jonathan Soh Experience Graduate JC physics Tutor

Sengkang, Singapore

Junior College


7/08/2017 - 31/01/2022 Bachelor Of Science, Major in Physics at National University of Singapore

CAP 4.11

2012-2014 A Levels at Tampines Junior College

H2 Physics/Math : A
RP: 85

Tutoring Experience

Taught private tuition throughout my university years, taking up between 5-10 studentsa year on average.
I am able to teach a diverse range of subjects including O-levelChemistry, Physics, Elementary and Additional mathematics. I also teach Physics and Math at the junior college level.
As a Physics specialist I have taken on more than 15 H2 physics students in my time so far, including current students. and have achieved significant improvements.
Whilst at the end of the day teaching is very much an 2 party endeavour which depends just as much on the effort and receptiveness of the students as much as the skills of the teacher, a 3 grade improvement is achievable on average.
I have also taken on ~11 O-level students in Physics, Chemistry, Emath and Amath,including current students. Teaching multiple subjects to most of my students.
Largest improvement so far has been from U/S grades to B/A respectively.