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Jonathan Gan Part time tutor

Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5, Singapore $25 / hour



2012l2016 Integrated Programme at National Junior College
2017/2018 GCE A Levels at National Junior College

Tutoring Experience

I’ve had experience from teaching family friends and answering questions on SnapAsk with excellent reviews. I have also tutored Primary School children, even those taking their PSLE, as part of my various volunteering programmes.

For math, I scored ‘A’s for both additional and elementary math in secondary school. Primary School questions are repetitive, if the child is guided to recognise the patterns, they will very easily complete them. I do this by adopting a ‘see one, do one’ approach.

– Step 1: guide them through a question
– Step 2: they redo the question alone
– Step 3: give a similar question to ascertain understanding

This method proved to be useful for both myself and previous tutees.

I attained an ‘A’ in GP during the GCE A Levels examination. In primary school, I was often commended for my compositions which were often used as ‘model essays’. I eventually DSA-ed into National Junior College based on my English proficiency.

I believe a strong foundation allows one to succeed beyond the subject. Through guided practice, I will hone the tutee’s skill. I adopt English as my primary language which puts me in an even better position to guide them.
I attained an ‘A’ for Chemistry and Physics and a ‘B’ for biology in Secondary School while attaining ‘B’ for Chemistry and Physics im A Levels. I received an A* for Science in my PSLE.

I believe primary school science questions are repetitive and they are all answered the same way, just in different contexts. As long ad the child is able to recognise the similarities, they will be able to easily do the questions.