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Goh Bi Qi Betty Full Time Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Yishun, Singapore $45 / hour



June 2012 to June 2013 Honours Degree at London South Bank University

Tutoring Experience

6 years of experience. Track Record of  100% tutees scoring B3 and above



I started chemistry tuition with Miss Betty at the start of the year. She is easy-going and a fun teacher. She makes lesson fun and enjoyable. At the start of the year, my chemistry results were terrible. After 6 months of learning under Miss Betty, my results improved drastically. I am able to handle and solve tough questions with confidence. – Jun Rong, Secondary 5, 2020.

Miss Betty has taught me chemistry for 3 years now. She cleared all my doubts and helped me improve tremendously. She gives me a lot of motivation during tuition class and always push me when it comes to doing work. This helped me be more familiar with the questions I would need to handle during exams. My results improved from C6 to A2 during my GCE ‘N’ level examinations with the help of her guidance. By the end of every lesson, I would have learnt a lot and would feel more confident in the subject.” – Dawn Koo, Secondary 5, 2020

I did not choose Miss Betty. She was recommended by other parents. She is very patient with her students even if they do not understand the topic well. She would patiently explain every doubt and will backtrack the topic until it is mastered.
I benefited from her lessons and scored an A1 for chemistry. She teaches ahead of our syllabus and this benefitted me as I had an advantage. Miss Betty uses past year papers and the ten-year series (TYS) to help us to revise for our topics which helps us a lot, it enabled me to know what to expect in the examination.
Before attending her classes, I did not really understand the topic well and was really struggling with trying to understand what was going on in class but after attending her classes, I felt that I could under the lesson better and it resulted in my grades improving from a C5 to an A1. – Yun Wern, Secondary 3, 2020

I decided to join her because she was well recommended by other and she is a very good and patient teacher. I had grasped more concepts and gained more knowledge from topic that is not taught in school. She will explain the question if I unable to understand and specify some examples. Homework such as past year papers were given to train me. My results improved from C5 to A1 and my school teacher was even amazed at my drastic improvement. – Wicus, Secondary 3, 2020.

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I benefited a lot from having a better grasp of chemistry. This was essential as my teacher in school did not have the time. With Miss Betty’s teaching, I can proceed further than syllabus in school.
Firstly, I would strongly recommend her because of her teaching style. I really like the idea of her customized teaching. She places attention on each and every student be it in a class or personal. I am an introvert who was too afraid to ask questions in a classroom environment. However, Miss Betty encouraged me to ask questions during her lessons. I am not afraid anymore.
Secondly, Miss Betty has the perfect mix of being strict yet caring. Lessons do not feel stressful even when I do not understand what is going on or how to answer the question. Miss Betty pushes us to do better than what we thought possible. My results were always borderline and made many simple mistakes that could be avoided easily. Since attending her lessons, my results improved significantly and I graduated with an A1 in my GCE ‘O’ Levels. – Clarissa, Secondary 4, 2019.

Miss Betty personalized my learning program and gave me the attention which I lacked in school. My results improved a lot since then. I was always failing before I met Miss Betty. After attending her lesson, I am easily getting the results I always wanted. – Teja, Secondary 4, 2019

Teacher Betty has an amazing patience. She is a fun and enjoyable teacher. Her high commitment and unyielding nature have pushed me beyond my expectations and helped ameliorate my results. Besides benefiting from Teacher Betty academically, I also learnt a lot of life lessons. I have a stronger driving force to achieve my life goals. She is extremely flexible in her teaching ways. She is able to comprehend that every student learns differently and she is not afraid to change her method to suit each individual student, allowing her students to adapt and learn at a greater effective level.
My academic results improved within the semester. Her additional lessons and 1to1 teaching are indeed effective and productive. Moreover, the life lessons she imparts to her pupils are priceless has deeply impacted my life. – Elton, Secondary 4, 2017.