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FAQ for YESTuition Singapore

General questions about YESTuition

Is YESTuition registered in Singapore?

YesTuition.sg is a tuition agency which is registered in Singapore and our registered number is RCB 53084839B.


How to request for a tutor?

You can also fill up the form online

How do I pay?

Payment collection is done on the end of half of the lessons of the full month for each assignment e.g. if you have a total of 8 lessons each month, we will collect payment on the end of the 4th lesson. We will send you an email regarding the mode of payment. Either you can make a bank transfer or send a cheque to our office address. Our tutors are not to collect this amount on behalf of us.

How much commission does YESTuition charge?

We charge fifty percents of the agreed tuition fee as commission from tutors. Customers do not have to pay any charges. We will collect the payment directly from our customers on the end of half of the lessons done by the tutor.

In the event that the tutor’s service is only required for a short period time frame (Holiday or Vocation Assignment), an agency fee will be imposed.

How do you verify your tutors’ qualification?

We trust our tutors to state their qualification accurately. Before the assignment, we will speak to the tutors and confirm their qualification. Once assigned, we instruct tutors to bring their qualifications. Parents are to check the tutor’s qualification on the first lesson. If you find that the tutor qualification is inaccurate, contact us immediately. We will decide whether it is an honest mistake or a fraud.


How do I register to become an in-person tutor?

Click on “Register as Tutor” on the top of the pages throughout our website. Follow the instructions and fill out the registration form.

How much does it cost to register with YESTuition?

Registration with YESTuition is free.

What is the minimum qualification to register?

You need to have at least an A Level or a Diploma qualification to register. Many tutors in our database are university/polytechnic students and business professionals who are experts in a certain subject or variety of subjects.

Do registered tutors work for YESTuition?

No. Tutors in our database are independent and interact with students directly. They set their own schedules and rates.