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Yes Tuition Agency Exam Papers Download

Our team has collected a set of 2019 top school exam papers for students to practice and prepare for the coming examination.  With our network we are able to gather the exam papers from all the top schools in Singapore. All these help your child excel in the coming examinations.

All these papers are for P1-P6 levels and it come with the 4 subjects English, Maths, Science and Chinese. It covers all the academic terms CA1, SA1, CA2 and SA2.

We would like to thank you for your support and We provide these exam papers as a aided tool to help your child. All tutors and parents are welcome to download the exam papers. Download now by entering your name, email into the form on the right.

Download Your Free Exam Paper.


    Pupils are advised to do the most current test papers after revision. If there is enough time, do about 5 Top School Exam Papers per subject. When doing tests on printed test papers, it is better to separate the answer key from the main paper. If the student encounters difficult questions, it is advisable to skip the question and come back later.

    The first step in preparing for examination is to set a fixed time each day to study and a schedule to say when to start the revision and for which subject. The plan should include how many chapters to revise and how many worksheets to work on. Your child has to be self-disciplined to follow the plan. Parents who do not know the examination time schedule can search ‘MOE exam timetable’ to see the official examination schedule. The best time to start revision with past year exam papers is one or two months before the examination.

    Some pupils can study independently while others need teachers to coach them as the exam papers questions can be tricky and difficult. You can search for suitable tutors at our portal to go through with your child.

    School teachers are already giving the pupils lots of worksheet to do. The child’s workload is very heavy. Parents are advised not to give additional work. Instead, give the child a loving family environment.

    Studies have shown that scholars normally come from happy families. Your child will excel when physical and emotional needs are met. Allow reasonable amount of play time between homework.

    The school allocates certain time periods for pupils to do self-study. It is during these periods that students should do past year examination papers from top schools.