Tips to help your child learn how to prioritize his time and plan

It can be difficult for a child to handle his time accordingly. There are a lot of different activities to complete, and prioritizing them without any help can be very tricky. Which is why it’s important for every parent to try and assist his child in prioritizing time and creating the right plan. With the tips listed below, your child will have no problem learning how to prioritize accordingly, and that can lead to some incredible benefits in the long term.

Teach your child to have patience

Kids are always excited and they want things to happen right away. You need to show them that good things happen for those that wait. Dialing the excitement down and having a more rational approach can indeed make a huge difference. It all comes down to not rushing, and when that happens the payoff can be incredible every time. 

Encourage your child to create a routine

Routines are great because they help your child plan the time a lot easier. It’s even better if you are able to create a visual timetable for your child. This way he knows how to manage activities easier. Once you instill this type of idea in your child’s mind, it will help him manage everything with a lot more focus. 

Use a timer and let them know about consequences

Using a timer has the potential to help your child work even if he is under pressure. The timer also makes it easier to learn how to adjust actions and finish tasks properly. This is also a perfect time to teach your child about consequences. It’s important to know what happens if one of the tasks is not complete adequately. All these little things matter, and understanding the entire process will help offer a good insight into the pros and cons brought by every situation.

Find the right way to estimate time

Estimating the amount of time spent on any task is very important. Once you start figuring out how much time you spend on tasks, things are a whole lot easier. You get a lot more focus on results from your child. This is also the perfect time to schedule long term assignments, split them into smaller events and tasks and help your child with them at first. Then you can encourage him to do these things one at a time, it can make a massive difference. 

Finding the right tutor for your Child

Select and shortlist the best tutor from the #1 Voted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. The right tutor will also act as a motivator and teach your child on how to prioritize for the coming exams and school works. The assigned tutor will check your child’s schedule and routine and give tips on how to improve it.


At the end of the day, it’s important to find the right way to teach your child how to prioritize tasks and time. Since time is a limited resource, finding the right way to manage it accordingly can help more than you imagine. There are obvious challenges that appear, so the more you focus on assisting your child and sharing ideas, the better it will be. It’s not easy to handle all this type of tasks, but if you’re open to these ideas and make the process adequate, the outcome can be amazing!