How can you buy Math Assessment books in Singapore?

Math tests are imperative for your child’s education and future. Aside from finding the right ten year test papers, you also want to find the right math assessment books for your child as well. These will help prepare for the math exam, and they are extremely helpful. There are lots of math assessment books on the market, but not all of them are offering the same value. In fact, around 60% of those books are completed, some even 20%, and that’s because kids have too many of these to complete and that can be a problem.

How many math assessment books should you purchase?

It’s important to focus on quality and value. Think about the amount of time that your child will need in order to cover all these books. Plus, the learning process needs to be fun, adding too many books can bring in a lot of pressure and challenges. You should buy a maximum of 2 math assessment books, a support book and an ultimate assessment book. It helps you save both time and money, and that’s what matters the most.

Assessing the value provided by exam prep books

There are many ways you can figure out whether the math assessment books are a good fit for your child or not. First, you want to make sure that you pick the right author. People like Bernice Lau Pui Wah, Li Fanglan, Dr. Yeap Ban Ha and Loh Cheng Lee are known for being very good at writing these books, so they should be a good option. 

In addition, you also want to check the publisher. There are some well-known publishers that deliver quality books in this field. GLM, Marshall Cavendish, EPH, Casco and Shinglee are all great. Their books are detailed, professional and also easy to read.

There are multiple types of assessment books

A lot of parents don’t realize that there are different types of assessment books. Topical books are focused on simple activities and math topics. Heuristic books are designed to help students solve word problems. These books use a vast range of techniques and they are designed to provide an extremely impressive set of solutions. 

Olympiad books are great for the maths Olympiad and they are super versatile and reliable. It’s also possible to go with practice paper books, since they deliver detailed solutions for a multitude of questions. It’s even possible to buy online assessment books, which are ideal if you want a sense of interaction.


It’s extremely important to avoid buying math assessment books in bulk, as your child might not be able to cover everything. The main focus is to find the right book and focus on value and great content quality over everything else. Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort to go through the options, but try to pick the authors and publishers listed above. And you might need a good maths tutor from a tuition agency in Singapore to assist your child in completing the book.  This will make the entire process a lot easier and more convenient!