Tips for students and parents for EXAM preparations

It’s the Exam seasons, and we are sure your kids are stressed out. While as parents, you are
trying to understanding and supporting to your kids, it’s also important you help them.
Long, tiring nights and hours of learning is both tiresome and depleting for the kids. Last-
minute preparations mean, they need not just study harder but smarter to ace their exams.
This is why we present some useful tips that will help you and your kids this SA 2 seasons

1. Make important notes

Jot down all the important key points that need to be remembered. While reading the
textbooks, highlight all the important points and keep aside a book that is easy to read

2. Practice last year’s question papers

Search and practice last year’s question papers. Try and understand the kind of format,
questions asked in the paper, and familiarize yourself with the same. This is an effective way
to prepare yourself the last minute to face the examinations.

3. Revise and Revise

This is very important for any exam. No matter how long you study, it is also important that
your brain can retain that information and remember it effectively. Timely revisions help
recollect all the things you have studied and helped you learn better.
What can you, as a parent, do to support your kids?

1. Study companion for your Kid.

Long hours of studying and last-minute preparations will stress your kids. As a parent, be
their companion or hire a tutor to help them study better. An experienced tutor is aware of
how to train and educate students faster and effectively. They have relevant knowledge on
the academic concepts and also a sound understanding of child psychology to guide your
kid. Find the best tutor from Tuition Agency in Singapore

2. Help them with their questions

Help them redo the questions they have a problem solving and not understanding. Make a
list of all the important questions that have high chances of appearing in the exam and help
your kids solve them.
Apart from this, find out which subjects your kids are weak in. Help them practice those
subjects and make them solve their question papers.

3. Communicate with them

As a parent, you need to stay supportive and understanding of your kids. Help them with
their needs regarding their exams. Talk to them and make sure they are not giving up or
feeling drained. Help your kids relax and have taken some breaks in between to unwind, and
recharge themselves.
Communication is the key. Talk to your kids about where they are facing problems and offer
solutions. Apart from this, generally listening to your kids and letting them confide reduces
stress and lets them know they are supported.
Including these tips, also understand what kind of learner is your kid. i.e. visual or audio
learner and use the necessary techniques to get them to learn better. Help your kids revise
and note down the areas or concepts they are still unsure about. Preparation for last-minute
exams can be tough and confusing. Parents must be patient and understanding to keep the
kids focused and motivated.