Roblox: What Parents Need to Know About This?

Roblox is an online tool that is a free multiplayer of user-generated games. Many kids, especially under the age of 13, are spending hours on this tool playing games with their friends.

Every parent is concerned about what their child does behind their computers and smartphones. As a parent, you always want to be aware of what your kids do, who they play with, and how it would affect them. In case you are worried that your kid spends too much time on Roblox, and you have no clue about what the game is about, then this article is for you!

What is Roblox and Why Kids love it?

Primarily Roblox is a gaming tool that is used by millions of kids to play, create, and share 3D games using custom tools. It is quite challenging for young kids to master but is comparatively easy for kids who have an idea about coding.

Apart from just a gaming experience, Roblox provides for a safe space for young kids to be interested in developing and sharing games by creating, failing, and even experimenting without any downside to it.

Roblox is a perfect platform for kids to have fun while also influencing them to learn coding, design, and entrepreneurial skills. This can help them grow as individuals and apply these skills in real lives.

Is there anything You need to worry about?

But as parents, you want to make sure your kids are in a safe space online. You want to make sure that the content, your kid consumes are safe, non-threatening, and nowhere harmful for them.

Then, it would be a sigh of relief to know that the Roblox tool that is available on smartphones, Xbox One, tablets and desktops, and even some VR Headsets, is given an ESRB rating E10+ for everyone 10 and up for Fantasy Violence. This means that this tool is safe and suitable for all kids above the age of 10.

It would, however, be important for parents to know that Roblox also comes with a “Users interact notice” that warns parents about the features of communication, formation of groups, and sharing of information and games with each other in the platform.

The platform actively monitors for any offensive communication and content that violates guidelines. But often, there may be cases of such content displaying through a loophole. So, it’s advised for parents to get educated about the Roblox’s parental controls and ensure your kids are safe from consuming such content.

Parental Restrictions

Here are some tips every parent can use to ensure your kid is safeguarded and protected in Roblox’s platform.

  • Teach your kids online etiquette
  • Make sure you add the actual birthdate of your kid to filter out content
  • Restrict the voice chat to the only family and approved friends.  
  • Create a whitelist of suitable games for your child
  • Teach yourself and the kid to block and report offensive content and users
  • Teach your kid not to share sensitive information like emails and passwords to anyone.

Apart from this, if you are concerned about the hours your kids spend on these apps, then there are a variety of settings you can use. These settings allow you to monitor and control the amount of money and time spent.

As a responsible parent, you need to make sure your kids are protected and safeguarded both, online and offline. Give your child the comfortable space they need too, and let them enjoy this amazing platform and learn valuable skills from this. And also dont forget to select a best tutor from the tuition agency in Singapore to assist your child in their final exams.