A guide for tutors to deal with difficult parents

Being a tutor, it is obvious that you will come across all kinds of parents. While some might be really subtle and gentle in their way of talking, there are many parents who express their concerns often in a very aggressive manner. Maintaining a balance and keeping calm while calming the parents down is an art every tutor shall master. 

This article is a short guide on how to deal with difficult parents and a must-read for every tutor out there!

Be very clear about your approach and methods:

Communicating with children’s parents is very important. From the very beginning, brief them about you are going to teach their students, the strategies that you are going to follow and everything about how you have planned success for their child. 

This will give them a sense of confidence that their child is in the right hands and most of their concerns will be addressed at this very point itself.

The first session must be for the parents as well:

This is a great method to make parents feel comfortable. Invite the parents to be a part of your first tutoring session with their children so that they see how you teach and understand your ways. Once they see how you go about things and how well their child adjusts with you, your journey ahead with them will become simpler.

Communication must be frequent:

Always keep in touch with the parents and give them regular updates about the child’s progress. If parents know you are always there for their children and their concerns, your bond with the parents will grow stronger.



  • Listen to and understand their issues


Certain parents are very particular when it comes to their children. They get hyper in seconds and though it can be hard to tolerate, you must understand that they are just over-concerned about their children. Listen to them and understand what has got them so worried.



  • Have proof ready


Always keep a record of the child’s test papers and other such things so that you can show the parents that you are making all out effort. Often it happens that one bad experience during the tutoring session gets the child upset and that gets the parents worried. Calmly tell the parents your side of the story and explain to them the betterment of the child is your objective too. 



  • Stay Calm, Stay Professional


Even if some parents cross the line and threaten to fire you or use inappropriate language, you must remember that you are a person who children look up to. You must remain calm and politely request the parents to calm down and offer to talk it out on a peaceful note. Never lose your calm in front of parents, that is not something that suits a teacher!

As a tutor, being calm is your greatest asset, especially when parents are not! Never interrupt parents when they are ranting out their concerns, just listen patiently and calmly and then respond wisely.