Coronavirus Means We Should Tutor Online More

It’s funny how much can change in a week. On Monday so many tutors began to accept students saying that they have to tutor online for the foreseeable future until the government change their guidelines on spreading coronavirus.

We’ve long said that online tuition has become more popular and is something parents should consider to ensure they get the best reliable tutor. However, we have also been clear that it will never be a perfect substitution for tutoring face to face.

Right now, tutoring online is a very sensible method to switch to if either tutor or student are concerned that they are at risk. Yes, tutoring in person is better, but it’s important to balance that against the possibility of a tutor not being able to work for a couple of weeks, or a student not being able to study at this crucial time leading up to the GCSE and A Level exams.

If switching to online tuition is a possibility then we advise everyone to do so for at least the next few weeks. We think a lot of tutors and students will actually be pleasantly surprised about how effectively tuition can still work when done online.


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