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  Terms & Conditions

Warranty of Services
All our services will serve their intended functions.

For Tutors

:: Registration Requirements
Registering to be a Tutor with Yes Tuition is free. However, Yes Tuition reserves all rights to decline your application to register. You must reside in Singapore and must be 18 years old and above with a minimum of 'O' Level qualification or diploma.

:: Tutor Conduct
You understand that all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, messages or other materials ("Content"), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which such Content originated. This means that you, and not Yes Tuition, are entirely responsible for all Content that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available via

You understand that you are to fill in all personal information as accurately as possible and will not attempt to mislead customers using Yes Tuition's services.

In the event that the tutor did not turn up for the first lesson or give last minute changes, which result in the parent canceling of the tuition due to anger, the tutor have to bear the first month commission charge to be pay to Yes Tuition.

:: Assignment
Students and tutors are expected to commit at least one month of tutoring. This allows a minimum period for both the students and the tutors to get used to each other's style of learning and teaching.

Should there be exceptional cases whereby tuition has to be cancelled before one month; parents need only pay for the number of lessons attended. A new experienced tutor will be introduced.

50% commission charge for the first month applies.

:: Verification of Qualifications
Upon request by students, tutors should show students their relevant certificates for verification. Students should put this under other remarks should they required the tutors to do so on the first day of tuition.

After filling up the tutor registration form, tutors are required to scan and email us copies of their certificates for verification. Upon verification, priority to assignments will definitely be given.

For Customers requesting Tutors

:: Rates
The rate of charges will follow the tuition rates table stated on unless otherwise stated. Yes Tuition reserve the rights to change the rates at anytime and will explicitly state on the website if we do so. However, the rate stated at the time the request is submitted will hold even if changes to the rates are made later. Yes Tuition records the timestamp of all request transactions.

:: Payment
The term commission refers to the amount Yes Tuition levies on the tutor for a successful assignment. The commission charges is 50% of the total monthly fees. Therefore, for the first half of the month, the customer pays directly to Yes Tuition and the tutor collects the second half of the monthly fee and subsequent months thereafter.
Our tutors are not to collect this amount on behalf of us.

Tutors are not allowed to change the commission or tuition fees in any way without the knowledge of Yes Tuition for the first month. The customer should inform us immediately if the tutor tries to renegotiate the tuition fees, the commission payable to us or tries to by-pass the tuition agency. After the first month, Yes Tuition will not be responsible if the tutor requires a change of tuition rates. However, the customer has the right to change the tutor after the first month.

:: Place of tuition
The assigned tutor will teach at the residence of the customer by default unless otherwise indicated by you and you are to provide a reasonable environment for the conduct of lessons.

:: Commission Payment and Collection
Yes Tuition collects the commission from the customer in either (1)Cheque, (2)Fund Transfer or (3)Cash. The details required to make payment will be made available to the customer upon successful assignment. You will receive a receipt after collection.

:: Disclaimer
Yes Tuition is not responsible for resolving any conflict or disagreement that may arise between tutor and student.

Please note that we will provide you with the closest match of tutor to  your requirements. We hold no responsibility if any of the requirement is not met.

In any event you are unhappy with the chosen tutor, we at Yes Tuition will look into the situation and try to resolve the problem. In any situation where the problem could not be resolved, we will provide you with the next best tutor available.

We hold no responsibility for problems, disputes and unhappiness that was or might be caused by the tutor.

We only provide the tutors based on best matched requirements. The decision on selecting the tutors for the child is solely based on the parent/guardian's discretion.

In addition, Yes Tuition will not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages arising in connection with the use of this website.

For Coordinators

:: Coordinator Sign-up
Registration to be a coordinator to start your own home-based business requires a minimum subscription fees of 3 month at $190. All new sign-up coordinators will given a 1-2 hrs training on effective advertising and marketing tips.

All coordinators is committed to taking reasonable efforts to secure the personal data of the tutors. To protect the privacy of any personal information that the tutors may have provided. In addition, access to sensitive data as defined in this Statement is limited to those individuals and agents having a need to know.  No other form of activity is to be associated except tuition matching activity. Coordinators that misused the tutor data to sell products like insurance, mlm will be dealt with. Any leakage of tutor data to third party will be seriously dealt with too.

Yes Tuition is not responsible for resolving any conflict or disagreement that may arise between coordinator, student and tutor.

Coordinators are advised to follow the rate of charges for the tuition. The rate of charges will follow the tuition rates table stated on unless otherwise stated. Yes Tuition reserve the rights to change the rates at anytime and will explicitly state on the website if we do so.



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