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Benefits Of Past Exam Papers

Over the past few years, we have noticed an increased trend in the usage of past exam papers as an essential tool to help students prepare for exams. Most of the MOE exam questions are testing on outside the box not the contents itself. So how are We expected the students to do well ?

Now even if you memorized the whole text book, it will not guarantee to pass.. A lot of potential children will be left behind with the parents pondering hard why this is happening. The only way to do well in an exam is to get your child to familiarize with questions that the teachers like to use. Research done by our team members have revealed that most of the questions are quite similar in term of structure and format.

Statistical results also show that most of the children do well compared to their counter-part who do not use any past exam papers. Even if your child are ultra smart or super bright but if he is not exposed to past exam questions, he will be extremely disadvantage. The average students in Singapore that have practiced all the top school exam papers tend to do very well in their own examinations.

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